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The 4th edition of the University of Ghana Staff Games held on Thursday, 13th to 14th July will remain in the annals of sports on University of Ghana as one of the most exciting and patronized staff games organised under the auspices of the Sports Directorate in the recent past.

The Staff Game further strengthen the ethos and mantra of the Sports Directorate of not only organising competitive sports for its prime stakeholders but as well very much enthused in enhancing the fitness, health, well-being and holistic development of staff and the University Community, through organisation of worthwhile sporting and recreational activities.


The game which was under the theme “Recreation and Sports – The Backbone of a Healthy Community” was held at the Athletic Oval and Ajax 1 and 2 Football Fields.

Aerobics and Medical Screening

The event was preceded by Aerobic session which was led by Professor John Ofosu-Anim, Dean of the School of Agriculture and Alfred Attieku, Fitness Instructor at the Sports Directorate. The medical screening of staff was undertaken by the University of Ghana Health Services.


All 14 teams participated passionately in Athletics, Soccer, Table Tennis, Tug of Peace, Volleyball, Goal Ball, and Indoor Games (Cards, Chess, Draught, Ludo, and Oware). 


The 4th edition had 14 teams from both the Academic and Administrative Directorates and Units participating in the two day event. Click here to see all the teams and results.

Mr. Eric Sifa (Principal Teacher, UG Basic School) Chairman of the Planning Committee expressed satisfaction of the programme organised this year.

“In my opinion, this year’s games have seen vast improvements in terms of organisation, participation, publicity and the active involvement by all the Units and Departments of the University. It was exhilarating. I hope we will continue to engage in sports and physical activity even in our private lives to remain active and healthy for our families and contribute our might for the progress of this University.”

Innovations – FUSSAG – TEWU Match

As dynamic as we are as a University and also as an advocate of creativity and thinking outside the box, the 2017 UG Staff Games witnessed a curtain raiser football match between Federation of Universities Senior Staff Associations of Ghana (FUSSAG) and the Teachers & Educational Workers' Union (TEWU) with the latter winning by 2-0. The match between University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) and Ghana Association of University Administrators (GAUA) Legon branches could not come off as they could not raise teams.

Officiating of Final Football Match

The final football match was between College of Basic and Applied Sciences and University Basic School.  It was officiated by the Director of Sports, Dr. Bella Bello Bitugu to the surprise of many at the Oval especially how he performed and managed the match throughout the duration of the match. He is an Austrian trained referee with more than 120 matches behind him.

Director of Sports Appreciation and Regret

Dr. Bella Bello Bitugu (Director of Sports, UG) applauded the UG  Staff Games Planning Committee for a good job done and added that he really appreciate the  UG management  and staff for fully supporting and participating in the games. However, his only regret is the lack of support and participation by UTAG especially and to some extent GAUA Legon branches. He hopes this will change next year. All in all he saw it to be a great event.

Participant’s Thoughts on the Games

The Director of Public Affairs Directorate Ms. Stella Amoah congratulated the Sports Directorate and Planning Committee for a splendid work done and admonished all staff to cultivate the culture of exercise;

“Kudos to the Sports Directorate for organising this activity for all staff of the University to keep us healthy and fit for our various work schedules. I will entreat all staff to continue this path of exercise to remain fit considering the hours we spend in the office and the sedentary lifestyle we are gradually being accustomed to in recent times”

The Captain of the Physical Development and Municipal Services Directorate, Mr Isaac Ansah was satisfied with the general organisation despite his team elimination in the first match in the football competition;

“As a Planning Committee member, I am happy of the general organisation and performance of the teams. I will pat all the representatives of various Units and Departments at the back for liaising well with us. Clearly without such strategy and other strategies we could not have achieved much.”

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