West African Journal of Applied Ecology

University of Ghana

College of Basic and Applied Sciences
Institute for Environment and Sanitation Studies
West African Journal of Applied Ecology
ISSN 0855-4307

Volume 23(1)

Papers of Volume 23(1), 2015

( 6 Papers)

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Editors for Volume Twenty Three (23) Part 1

Instructions to Authors
M. A. Rice, F. Conteh, K. Kent, B. Crawford, B. Banja, F. Janha and I. Bojang)
R. Qamar1, Ehsanullah, M. Saqib, H. Muhammad Rashad Javeed, A. Rehman, Atiqueur- Rehman and A. Ali)
Aqua K. Antwi-Agyakwa, E. A. Osekre1, R. Adu-Acheampong and K. D. Ninsin)
M. Mokarram, S. Hamzeh, F. Aminzadeh and A. Rassoul Zarei)