Finance Unit

The Finance Unit supervises all financial transactions and purchases of the Sports Directorate. This Unit consists of staff in-charge of collection and receiving of monies, items as well as purchased equipment on behalf of the Sports Directorate.


  1. Faustina Akobanyam (Head)
  2. Diana Naa Okaikor Ayitey-Adjei
  3. Nancy Afi Wodewole
  4. Faustina Portia Opeye

Terms of Reference:

  1. Assist in drawing of budgets
  2. In-charge of all monitory dealings of the Directorate
  3. In-charge of managing the Directorate’s petty cash
  4. Follow up on all requests for funds
  5. Submit weekly reports of all Internally Generated Funds (IGF) to Management
  6. Receive and inspect all incoming materials and reconcile with waybills and invoices
  7. Keeps a current inventory of all materials
  8. Keeps records of all materials issued to and received from individuals and groups
  9. Ensures that equipment are organised and made available at all sporting events
  10. Submits written reports to management at the beginning and end of every semester on the current state of equipment and recommends repairs or purchases
  11. Carry routine inspection of the athletics oval to ensure all entrances are locked to prevent people from walking through the field