Fitness, Wellness & Recreation Unit

This Unit primarily oversees all Fitness, Wellness and Recreation activities of the Sports Directorate. This unit is made up of staffs that are variedly attached to the Gymnasium (G) and Swimming Pool (SP) of UGSD such as Sports Organisers, Instructors, Lifeguards and Pool Cleaners.



  1. Daniel Opare Okyere (Head)
  2. Emmanuel Ladzekpo (SP)
  3. James Asamoah (SP)
  4. Rauf Zakaria (SP)
  5. Joseph Ayigdibe (SP)
  6. Alfred Attieku (G)
  7. Benedictus Mattson (G)
  8. Somart Nii Commey (Salsa)
  9. Fulera Abdul-Rahman (Masseur)


Terms of Reference:

  1. Supervise and manage activities of the Fitness, Wellness and Recreational Centre (such as Aerobics, Bodybuilding, Capoeira, Salsa, Swimming, Taekwondo and Yoga)
  2. Supervise regular maintenance and repairs of swimming pool and gym equipment
  3. Ensure strict adherence to details on Registration form
  4. Enforce inspection of identity cards of all users of the facilities
  5. Instructors must assist clients at all operational times
  6. Enforce rules and regulations at all times, copies of which should be given to users upon registration
  7. Develop innovative and new ideas to meet customer demands
  8. Draw programmes to attract staff and their families to the gymnasium and pool