Organising Unit

This Unit is in-charge of organising all sporting events and managing the welfare of sports men and women. It also presides over the management and maintenance of all sporting facilities and logistics. It is made up of mainly selected Sports Organisers


  1. Abdul-Rahman Iddrisu (Head)
  2. Catherine Asare-Frimpong
  3. Natasha Asamoah

Terms of Reference:

  1. Organise and manage all sporting events
  2. Manage the welfare of all UG Sports Teams in collaboration with the Technical Unit
  3. Assist the Technical Unit in drawing yearly sports calendars
  4. Organise all national and international travels
  5. Organise periodic fun games in collaboration with Technical Unit
  6. Draw budget for all events
  7. Manage all sporting facilities and equipment in terms of:
    • Booking of facilities
    • Routine maintenance and upgrade of facilities
    • Keeping records of all bookings and payment
    • Ensuring strict observations on rules on facilities booking and usage