Technical Unit

This Unit preside all technical related matters regarding coaching, drawing and designing of sports programmes for each academic. It also takes charge of the day-to-day management of all sporting teams. It also consists of mainly trained coaches in specific sporting disciplines of UGSD.


  1. Henry Nii Sackey (Head)
  2. Mrs. Mary Zambila Yahaya (Deputy Head)
  3. Tahiru Yusif Amuda
  4. Mrs. Helena Williams
  5. Michael Justice Apea
  6. Stephen Adoney
  7. Yahaya McCauley

Terms of Reference:

  1. Draw yearly sports programmes
  2. Select student athletes into the various University Teams
  3. Train and coach all UG Sporting Teams
  4. Engage in periodic scouting of students athletes from senior high schools for admission
  5. Assist in organising and supervising sporting activities
  6. Report and collaborate with Organising Unit on state of facilities and needed action
  7. Offer outreach consultancy and technical services (with regards to sports) to interested parties
  8. Design regular projects and proposals for outreach progammes
  9. Assist in the preparation of yearly budget for programmes and activities
  10. Design effective ways of involving staff through the following activities among others:
    • Draw sporting programmes to attract staff and their families
    • Assist other UG departments in their sporting & recreational activities
    • Draw a concept for honorary coaches
    • Design programmes to involve hall administration in sporting programmes