Works & Sanitation Unit

This Unit is mainly in-charge of all sanitation and minor works. This unit consists of all the cleaners, labourers, artisans and drivers.


  1. Henry Nii Sackey (Head)
  2. Faustina Awotwi (Cleaner)
  3. Emmanuel Frimpong (Cleaner)
  4. Emmanuel Darku Fleischer (Labourer)
  5. Kofi Lartey (Labourer)
  6. Ayine Anumkaabe (Labourer)
  7. John Mensah (Driver)
  8. Adjei Mensah (Electrician)
  9. Kingsley Ekanem (Plumber)
  10. Martin Kofi (Labourer)
  11. Richard Kojo Samakor
  12. Kofi Lakpo (Labourer)
  13. Rebecca Nutakor (Cleaner)


Terms of Reference:

  1. Ensure that facilities such as Fields, Gymnasium, Courts and Swimming Pool are always kept clean
  2. Ensure that washrooms are clean at all times
  3. Ensure that washroom doors are closed at all times
  4. Supervise the availability of sanitizers and disinfectants and report for timely replacement
  5. Carry out timely marking of fields for games
  6. Ensure that showers, water closets, sinks, etc. are always in good working conditions
  7. Keep watch on the availability of ample flow of electricity and water and report to management on any necessary action
  8. Carry out routine checks on lightening system of the Directorate
  9. Responsible for the care and maintenance of all office vehicles
  10. Responsible to transport staff on official duties as directed
  11. Make requisitions for fuel for office vehicles and mowers
  12. Ensure the conveyance/distribution of logistics, water and personnel to fields if need be
  13. Be available to perform any other duties as directed