It is the major sporting event on UG Campus. The Inter-Hall Games creates the platform for selecting of potential and talented student athletes to represent the University in both national and international competitions. It also serves as an avenue for socialization and learning ground for attributes of sportsmanship.  Until 2011, only the five traditional Halls (Akuofo, Commonwealth, Legon, Mensah Sarbah and Volta Halls) were participating in the Inter-Hall Games. Moving forward, the number of participating Halls increased to 14. Student athletes from the participating Halls are engaged in a numbers of sporting disciplines. These sporting disciplines are either specifically organized for UG students by the Sports Directorate or organized to suite sporting disciplines of the Ghana Universities Sports Association (GUSA). The table below shows the various sporting disciplines:



OTHER SPORTS DISCIPLINES (also known as non-GUSA Games)

  • Athletics
  • Badminton (Male/Female)
  • Basketball (Male/Female)
  • Goal Ball (Male/Female)
  • Handball (Male/Female)
  • Hockey (Male/Female)
  • Netball (Female)
  • Soccer (Male/Female)
  • Table Tennis (Male/Female)
  • Tennis (Male/Female)
  • Volleyball(Male/Female
  • Baseball (Male/Female)
  • Cricket (Male/Female)
  • Chess (male/Female)
  • Debate (Male/Female)
  • Rugby (Male/Female)
  • Swimming (Male/Female)
  • Taekwondo (Male/Female)

UG’s decision to augment accommodation on campus resulted in adding 9 more Halls of residence to the 5 traditional (existing) Halls. This development was noted by the Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Ernest Aryeetey, who admonished the Sports Directorate to extend the coverage of sporting activities to the newly formed Halls. To this end the Basketball and Soccer Leagues were commenced and run throughout the academic year. Both Basketball and Soccer Leagues started in the 2010/2011 academic year and has encouraged active participation in sport among student.