Football (Male/Female) Talk about discipline, commitment, hard work, enthusiasm, excellence in game play, and the university of Ghana Football team stands tall.

The team over the years had put up an outstanding performance both locally and internationally. The team participates in Ghana Universities Games (GUSA), West African Universities Games (WAUG), Bi-lateral games, Federation of African Universities Sports (FASU), and the Federation of International Sports Universities (FISU).

The football team (both male and female) has enviable records in these competitions. An insight into these competitions will help throw light into the hard works and achievements of the football team.

In the male division, the school organizes a league system in which sixteen halls are currently participating. It is keenly contested and the urge, enthusiasm to win, unearth talents and skills are clearly depicted.

The league system is the contributing factor of the strength of UG football team. The male engage themselves in sixteen matches in the academic year. This helps in recruiting the best into the university football team. Currently six halls participate in the ladies football competition.

It is an all-play-all system hence each team engage itself in five matches. It is very interesting and colourful to see the zeal and enthusiasm our pretty ladies commit into the league. In the GUSA games, the football team has won many laurels ranging from bronze to gold. The football team place within first to third in every edition of the GUSA games despite strong contenders.

The female football had been the champions until 2010 when they lost the title to University of Cape Coast.

They won silver in 2013 Mini-GUSA games. Despite the effort put up by the male football team, the trophy had eluded the team for thirteen years. Every institution prepares and works together so as to give UG a fierce opposition.

The urge to reclaim its supremacy had been paramount to the football team over the years and through determination and hard works, it became feasible as they were crowned winners in the 2013 Mini-GUSA games.

In the bilateral games, our female team has been consistent in winning against our sister university of Ibadan.

Since the inception of this competition, our strong female team had been winning both at home (Ghana) and away (Nigeria). The university team has over the years produced many players both for local and international teams. Isaac Coffie, Bismark Amponsah, Donald Assan, Nartey Prince, Amo George, Brefo Mark, Kurugu Tarebo, Amakona Frederick, just to mention a few are outstanding players excelling well in football after school.

The national University team cannot boast without the immense contribution of UG football team. This prestigious university always presents outstanding players for the national team for world Universities Games.