UG Makes History At WUDC


The University of Ghana Debate Society in its third appearance at the World Universities Debate Championships (WUDC) 2018 in Mexico made the university and the nation proud by reaching the Semi-finals of Public Speaking. The first by any Ghanaian representing a tertiary institution from Ghana. The competition was held from Wednesday, 27th December, 2017 to Thursday, 4th January, 2018.

University Of Ghana Contingent

Miss Paye Sandra Adoma, a level 300 Philosophy and Information Studies student and Jeremiah Kobby Sekyi, also in level 200 reading Pharmacy, represented the University and were accompanied by Debate Coach Antonio Edem Asinyo and Mr. Michael Owusu Ansah, a Principal Accountant at the Finance Directorate of the University and also a sports management committee member, the leader of delegation.

Jeremiah makes History

Jeremiah Kobby Sekyi who was adjudged the 2nd Best Public Speaker at the recent Student Representative Council Debate Championship held in October 2017 made the University and Ghana proud by making it to the Semi-finals of the Championship. It is refreshing to note that he was the only African in the Quarter finals and Semi-finals stage of Public Speaking.

An elated Jeremiah expressed his thoughts;

“The Public Speaking competition was a breath of fresh air as opposed to the adrenaline-filled debate tournament. It gave me that urge of true expression of thought and humour in connection to a human audience. This perspective of Public Speaking, which was taught me by former champions in the Debate Society, was the unique element that enabled me to proceed to the Semi-finals of the competition.”

He added that breaking 12th in the Semi-finals of the WUDC Public Speaking was much more than a personal achievement - “it was an appreciation of the support given me by the Sports Directorate and the entire Debate Society.”

UG Drops in Debate Ranking

The pair Sandra and Jeremiah could not replicate and continue the fine form of their predecessors in the Debate competition in the two previous championships.

After nine (9) preliminary rounds of competitive debate the team emerged with 10 out 27 points and a tab ranking of 257. Three less points from what we acquired at The Hague in 2017 and dropping 43 positions in the ranking. The university of Ghana debate team is currently ranked 257 from a previous 214.

Miss Paye Sandra Adoma though disappointed at the performance was still happy at the wealth of experience she had and what it means to UG Debate Society.

“We did our best as a team and I am happy at the new experience I have got. We are also grateful of the support of the Sports Directorate and the Debate Society because it gave us the opportunity to better appreciate the complexities and dynamics of the Worlds Tournament. We aspire to move higher to make the University of Ghana proud in subsequent championships.”

 Recognition for Ghana

The World Debate Council approved Ghana’s membership Category D and voting right (I vote) due to University of Ghana’s participation in three World Debate Championship in Malaysia 2015, The Hague in 2017 and Mexico 2018. Ghana thus becomes the second country in Africa (South Africa on a category A with 4 votes) to have the right to vote on the council.

In addition, Antonio Edem Asinyo Debate Coach for UG was appointed to the Equity Committee of the Championship with China, Mexico and Qatar. The first for an African.

Antonio Edem Asinyo remarked that despite this awesome leap, much has to be done to improve upon the performances of UG. He reserved special mention for Mr. Michael Owusu Ansah for guiding the team through the process and their stay in Mexico.

The Championship was won by Harvard University, United States of America. The next WUDC will be hosted by University of Cape Town, South Africa in 2019.